St. Mary's P.S. Dunamore

To God Through Mary .....Do Dhia TrĂ­ Mhuire

P7 Trip to the Trout Hatchery


On Thursday 24th November 2017 P7 pupils visited Orritor Hatchery and became involved in a project on the Dollaghan Trout. The pupils got a tour of the hatchery and saw how the hatchery was helping to enhance and increase the number of Dollaghan Trout and Pearl Mussel in the Ballinderry River.

During our time at the Hatchery the P7 pupils helped Lisa and Frank fertilize some eggs, which they then looked after for a period of time.

On February 21st, some trout eggs were brought into the classroom and the P7 pupils had to look after the eggs (in a special fridge) until they hatched into little alevin and then fry.