St. Mary's P.S. Dunamore

To God Through Mary .....Do Dhia TrĂ­ Mhuire

Friendly Fridays

Everyone likes Fridays or so they say! No better day to launch Friendly Fridays!

On Friday 19th October 2012 at the school assembly, St. Mary's P.S. Dunamore launched a school iniative 'Friendly Fridays'.  The Principal talked to the school about the aim of 'Friendly Fridays' which is to raise the awareness of the importance of being a good friend and to show friendliness to others.  At the assembly pupils from each class stood behind the school banner with Miss Devlin and had their photograph taken for the website.  Throughout the school year the pupils and staff will take part in activities which will continue to promote 'Friendly Fridays.'