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St. Mary's PS, Dunnamore, Cookstown

Splish Splash Splosh: A Dive into Primary 1's Underwater Adventures

26th Jun 2024

This term, our Primary 1 students dove into the fascinating world of water with the theme "Splish Splash Splosh."

Colourful Bubble Art & Sea Creature Silhouettes

The students kicked off the term with some vibrant and creative bubble art. Using a mix of colors and bubbles, they created stunning masterpieces that showcased their artistic talents. Following this, they made silhouettes of various sea creatures, bringing the underwater world to life in our classrooms.

Ocean Habitat Dioramas

Taking their creativity a step further, the students crafted ocean habitat dioramas. These mini ecosystems gave them a hands-on experience in understanding different marine environments and the creatures that inhabit them. Each diorama was a unique representation of the ocean, filled with colorful fish, corals, and other sea life.

Science Experiment: Is it Waterproof or Absorbent?

The excitement continued with a science experiment to explore materials and determine if they were waterproof or absorbent. The day began with a special letter from Talking Ted, who had booked a holiday to Donegal. However, there was a catch – it was forecasted to rain all weekend! The children were tasked with packing a bag full of waterproof materials for Ted's trip. They tested various materials to see which ones would keep Ted dry and which ones would soak up water. This hands-on activity was both fun and educational, helping students understand material properties in a practical way.

A Visit from the Ballinderry River Agency

One of the highlights of the term was a visit from Gillian of the Ballinderry River Agency. She conducted an informative and interactive session on water pollution in our local rivers. The children learned about the various pollutants affecting our waterways and the impact on the local ecosystem. Gillian emphasised the importance of keeping our rivers clean and shared practical steps we can all take to protect our environment.

Our Primary 1's "Splish Splash Splosh" term was a splashing success, filled with creativity, learning, and a strong message of environmental stewardship. We are so proud of their hard work and enthusiasm!